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Your parking lot is the first physical point of contact your clients have with your business. This is where they take their initial impression of how you operate as a business. Make that first impression a good one with a durable, attractive visual appearance to your asphalt parking lot.

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The Benefits to Asphalt Paving Your Parking Lot

There are many reasons why enhancing your parking lot is of benefit to your business. A smooth, well laid asphalt paving will create a joint free surface, minimizing the risk of accidental injury and a comfortable ride for drivers. The asphalt used in your new parking lot is likely to contain recycled asphalt and will be recycled again when it’s time to replace it, making it extremely environmentally friendly.

Asphalt is very durable; a professionally laid asphalt parking lot that has been well maintained can last for decades. Its relative flexibility means it is more pliable than concrete, allowing it to adjust to minor movements and ground expansion from ice formation. The dark surface melts snow quickly and resistant to salting and de-icing chemicals. Our highly skilled and experienced asphalt paving specialists only use quality materials and equipment to provide you with a long lasting asphalt parking lot.

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Accurate Asphalt is a locally-owned and -operated parking lot paving company. We have years of experience in the industry along with a hometown level of service. As a locally-owned company, we see our customers as our neighbors—and we treat them as such! So whether you need parking lot paving services, or any of our other Annapolis commercial paving or asphalt paving services, give us a call today!


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